Cyril André is a French visual artist living in paris.

He defines his work by his intention to question the reality,
searching to reveal the invisible subtleties of the world around us through artistic expression.

Passion for science and symbolical systems led him to intertwine these two visions of the world through his artwork. Though science and man’s unconscious contents are hard to reconcile, Cyril André believes they do reflect upon a unique, mysterious and complex reality. Their interaction reveals an inner world, and man acts as the lens that unveils the true meaning of that realm.

Cyril André chose the exploration of altered states of consciousness and their representation via generative art as a starting point, then switched techniques after discovering cyanotype photograms, a classic alternative photography technique sensitive to ultraviolet light.

Revelation through an invisible type of light is a paradox that truly impressed him and immediately appeared as the obvious path to follow. It led him to question his entire work and the way he could represent the world.

Cyril André considers his work as a genuine alchemical process. By bringing the invisible to light and going beyond what mere senses may perceive, he works on the representation of his own mythological universe, as well as the structure which entangles matter and light so intimately.